Map Drive Utility / Add and map network drives to a University computer


  • To provide instruction on adding and mapping network drives on a University computer when:
    • You want to map drives on your new University computer
    • You want to map drives after your computer was re-imaged
    • Your G drive access to your department files is not working
    • You are having problems accessing your H drive
    • You cannot access MUFiles


  • File Storage & Sharing
    • 10411: MUFiles
    • 10299: myFiles
  • University-owned Computer
  • Map Drive Utility
  • Microsoft Windows 


  1. Ensure that your computer is connected to the wired network on campus
  2. Try restarting your computer. Your drives should be automatically mapped when you log in to your computer after the restart
  3. If the restart fails to map your drives, you can try using the Map Drive Utility



  • Map Drive Utility requires the computer to be on the Miami network.
    • Wired Network
    • MU-Wireless
    • MUVPN
  • This resolution can be applied to all standard drives listed in your Active Directory profile
  • This resolution will not work for non-standard drives
    • example: a W drive set up on a single computer



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