Request: Jacks / Support for a jack VLAN


  • Assistance with a data or network jack VLAN 
  • Check the VLAN of a data or network jack


  1. Complete and submit your request for assistance with your data jack VLAN
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Nature of your request
    • Your IP Address
    • Data jack VLAN
    • Data Jack ID


  • 10679: Communications Jacks and Cabling 
    • Data Jack
    • Network Jack
  • 9583: Access Network 
    • Wired Network


Request Data Jack Activation


Article ID: 23280
Thu 1/19/17 5:27 PM
Wed 1/25/23 1:58 PM
Can you resolve this issue yourself?
No. Please request assistance.

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Faculty and staff may use this to request the activation of an existing wired data jack for network service.