Security / Email regarding State of Residence application


  • To provide information on Miami University's State of Residence application email message when:
    • You received an email to your school address asking for your state of residence when I registered for courses. Is this email spam?
    • You received an email saying that you have to provide your location in order to take an online class


  • State of Residence Application


  • Federal Regulations require state of residence to be reported, as state laws differ on which classes count towards licensing for professions


  • This is a legitimate email. In addition to online courses, if you are taking an online, Hybrid, or IVDL course, you need to complete the form to continue taking your class
  • Just to be safe, never click links in an email. When you log in to a Miami service, you will be redirected to the form, if you need to fill it out



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Wed 1/18/17 4:32 PM
Thu 6/24/21 12:24 PM
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