Canvas / Assistance needed to reverse cross-listed sections


  • To obtain assistance with reversing cross-listed Canvas course sections when:
    • You cross-listed your courses incorrectly and want to reverse the action
    • You cross-listed your courses incorrectly, lost your content, and want to restore it
    • You moved content on your Canvas site and lost course work
    • You want to de-cross-list Canvas course sections


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas


  • Add content to the primary course prior to cross-listing — example if you are cross-listing sections A, B, and C add your content to section A, then cross-list sections B and C into A
  • When courses are de-cross-listed, the roster will move into the original shell; however the content will appear only in the primary course
  • Faculty cannot de-cross-list courses


  1. Submit a ticket and provide the following information:
    • Name of your course
    • Section you want to de-cross-list 
    • Your contact information
      • Please note that courses with grades and student work will not be de-cross-listed as the student work will be lost as well as the grades




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