University Library resources access issues


  • I cannot access the Miami library sources. Every resource I click redirects me to a login page that does not accept my login information
  • Do you offer access to book downloads for alumni?
  • Can alumni pay for a service to access Miami's electronic collections?


  • University Library System
  • Library e-Journals
  • University Sites


  • Only active students, faculty, staff, emeriti, and retirees are able to access the Library's online journals from off-campus
    • If on-campus, anyone can access the Library's e-Journals


  • For assistance in accessing Library resources, contact the University Libraries at 513-529-4141
  • If you have recently retired and joined the Society of Miami Emeriti or the Society of Miami Retirees but can no longer log in to the Library site, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900


For internal use


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Can you resolve this issue yourself?
Yes! This is self-service with a smile.