Student Account / Receive Banner+ number for a new grad student

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  • To provide direction for receiving a Banner+ number as a grad student when:
    • You are a new grad student and don't know your Banner+ number
    • Your Banner ID did not generated when you followed email instructions


  • Student Account
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Grad School Enrollment
  • Banner


  1. Have you accepted Miami's offer? You will receive your UniqueID and Banner+ number after you accept the offer to the program. Follow the instructions in the offer email that was sent to you by the Graduate School
  2. If you do not receive either your UniqueID or Banner+ number in the email you receive after accepting the offer, contact the Graduate School at 513-529-9734 for assistance



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Thu 11/17/16 8:54 AM
Thu 1/20/22 4:57 PM
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