University Computer / Contact ITHelp for dispatched repair service


  • To provide instruction on requesting dispatched repair service for your University-owned computer
    • When you need assistance with your University-owned computer
    • When you get a blue screen or equipment failure message 
    • When your mouse pad does not respond
    • When your computer battery fails
    • When you need a new keyboard or speakers
    • When you receive the error, no network adapter registered
    • When your computer does not boot up and you are caught in a prompt loop to repair or restart


  • Local Desktop Support
  • University-owned Computer
    • Mac (macOS)
    • Windows (PC)


  1. Contact ITHelp at 513 529-7900 to request dispatched repair services for a University-owned computer
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Type of computer: Mac (macOS) or PC (Windows)
    • Computer/device serial number
    • Specific nature of the issue, including any error message received
    • Your department
    • Location of computer, including building name and room number
    • Your contact information



  • MiTech does not provide walk-in repair services for University-owned hardware



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