LISTSERV / Error Record


  • To identify errors in LISTSERV and provide corresponding causes and resolutions


  • Miami University LISTSERV List Owner
  • Miami University LISTSERV List Subscriber


  • 10283: LISTSERV

Error + Resolution

Error Message The distribution of your message dated <date> with subject <subject> has been postponed because the <listname> list is held. No action is required from you. Your message will be reprocessed automatically once the list owner releases the list
Affected User / Client Office / Action LISTSERV list owner of subscriber receives this message when attempting to send a message
Cause LISTSERV list owner has placed a hold on the list
Applied Resolution LISTSERV list owner of the list receiving the error:
  • Send an email to with the command: 
    FREE <listname> (replace <listname> with the name of the list) in the body of the email
  • If you are unable to send messages after sending this command, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 for assistance
    • Provide the following information:
      • Listname of the list receiving the error
      • Error message you received
Associated Procedure (Linked title of procedure used by support group to execute resolution)


Article ID: 17724
Mon 10/24/16 11:29 AM
Mon 7/12/21 12:26 PM
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