Students show as unenrolled when I submit grades in Canvas


  • While submitting grades to Banner from Canvas, one of my sections shows as unenrolled


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas
    • Grade Submission
  • 80463: BannerWeb 8 (Self Service)
  • 10216: Course List (ROR)


  • A change in the Canvas API settings was causing the system to ignore the extra sections in the course 
  • Course was crosslisted and then de-crosslisted


  1. Go to Miami's Course List
  2. Fill in the current Term, Campus Subject, and Course number or CRN
  3. Select Get Classes
  4. Find courses and verify that you are the instructor of record
  5. Log in to myMiami
  6. Under My Courses, select Photo Roster
  7. Verify that this roster matches the Canvas Roster
  8. Under People, verify that none of those enrolled in the section are showing on the list in the course
    • If you have grades in Canvas and you are the instructor of record in Banner clear cookies and cache, close the browser and try again





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Tue 10/11/16 3:56 PM
Wed 11/17/21 11:42 AM
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