Student Health Services / Remove a hold from a student account


  • To provide direction on removing a hold from your Student Health Services account when:
    • myMiami says that you have a hold on your account


  • 34041: Student Health Education
    • 10149: AlcoholEdu
    • 34041: (includes Sexual Assault Prevention for Under-graduates [SAPU])
  • 1182518: Vector Solutions Training Platform


  • Student Health Services provides end-user and administrative support for this application
  • If you just completed forms which should remove your hold, wait 24 hours for the hold to be removed and try again
  • If you have already waited more than 24 hours, contact Student Health Services at 513-529-3000 during business hours for more information


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Sun 10/9/16 2:25 PM
Mon 11/13/23 11:58 AM
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