SPSS / Access from off-campus


  • To provide instruction on accessing SPSS Statistics from an off-campus location
  • To provide instruction on resolving SPSS licensing prompt when accessing from an off-campus location


  • 336979: SPSS Statistics
  • 10393: VPN Client
    • Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Software for Personally Owned Computers
    • Windows
    • macOS


  • SPSS requires you to be connected to Miami's network to obtain and maintain a license
  • For security reasons, many University resources — including SPSS — require that you use a VPN connection when accessing our network from an off-campus location
  • To access SPSS from an off-campus location, you must connect to Miami's network via Cisco AnyConnect VPN


  1. Connect to VPN first
  2. Launch SPSS, as you normally would



  • The SPSS installation file is very large and can take a long time to download. Because of this, the installation can be corrupted, and even if you use VPN correctly, you will not be able to validate your license. In these instances, we recommend you take your computer to MiTech as they can provide a clean install


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