Notice of Intent to Decommission / eBid Purchasing


  • To inform potential users that eBid Purchasing asset is going through the decommission process

Notice of Intent to Decommission

  • eBid Purchasing is an asset that currently lives within the "accounts" GitLab repo. As the effort to upgrade and containerize the accounts repo continues, it has come to our attention that eBid Purchasing is no longer in use and therefore needs to be removed 


  • This app has fallen out of use and is no longer being used. The app is designed as a redirect to another website once credentials are entered. In case someone is still trying to use it, we are providing this notice of Intent


  • Users of the eBidding Purchasing System ( This includes some students and some outside vendors, such as previous dining services vendors


  • 12617: eBid Purchasing
    • eBid Purchasing


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Fri 4/5/24 10:51 AM
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