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Calculated Field Naming Guidelines

All Calculated Fields must start with a “CF ” with few exceptions, followed by the calculated field function abbreviation. Use the following prefixes and include a brief description.
Brief Descriptions show users how the field is functioning.

Function Prefix Name Example Description Example
Aggregate Related Instances CF ARI CF ARI Recruiting Projects Returns the recruiting projects associated with the position
Arithmetic Calculation CF AC CF AC Primary Compensation Basis to Midpoint Ratio Calculates the ratio (Primary Compensation Basis / Primary Compensation Basis Midpoint) for Workers
Build Date CF BD CF BD Date Completed This field takes the Date and Time Completed field from the event and returns just the Date Completed
Concatenate Text CF CT CF CT Candidate Name Apostrophe S Formats the Candidate Name by adding apostrophe S
Convert Currency CF CC CF CC Primary Compensation Basis as of Hire Date in USD Returns the worker’s Primary Compensation Basis as of the Hire Date in USD
Convert Text to Number CF CTN CF CTN Compensation Grade Converts the Compensation Grade for a worker into a numeric field
Count Related Instances CF CRI CF CRI Count of Active Candidates Returns the # of active Candidates
Returns the # of active Candidates. CF DC    
Date Constant (One time use) CF DC    
Date Constant No Prefix Needed – Build on BO: Global
Date Difference CF DD CF DD Days in Time Series Returns the days between Time Series Start Date and Time Series End Date
Evaluate Expression CF EE CF EE Candidate was in Intent to Offer Stage (Numeric) Returns a numeric 1 if the Candidate was in the Intent to Offer Stage
Evaluate Expression Band CF EEB CF EEB Position Status Returns the position status (Future Filled, Filled, Frozen, Open)
Extract Multi-Instance CF EMI CF EMI Candidates in Ready for Hire Stage Returns the candidates that are in the Ready for Hire Stage
Extract Single Instance CF ESI CF ESI Referred by Returns the first instance of who the candidate was referred by for the job
Format Date CF FD CF FD Last Updated Date Returns the date that the report definition was last edited in MM/d/yyyy format
Format Number CF FN CF FN Eligible Earnings Formats as currency
Format Text CF FT CF FT Job Requisition Status Name Formats the Job Requisition Status Name to the proper case
Increment Decrement Date CF IDD CF IDD Current Moment Minus 6 Months Calculates the moment 6 months ago using the system's current moment (which is today’s date and current time)
Lookup Date Rollup CF LDR CF LDR Hire Date as Fiscal Quarter Looks at the Worker’s Hire Date and formats it into Fiscal Quarter
Lookup Field with Prompts CF LFP CF LFP Current 401k Deduction  
Lookup Hierarchy CF LH CF LH Location Hierarchy (L3) Returns Location Hierarchy (L3) for the job requisition
Lookup Hierarchy Rollup CF LHR CF LHR Supervisory Organization Hierarchy Use this field to drill down the supervisory organization hierarchy
Lookup Organization CF LO CF LO All Locations Hierarchy Level 1 Returns Level 1 for the worker’s location in the “All Locations Zones” hierarchy
Lookup Organizational Roles CF LOR CF LOR Lookup Recruiting Manager Looks up the recruiting manager/s
Lookup Range Band CF LRB CF LRB Retirement Eligibility  
Lookup Related Value CF LRV CF LRV Last Name Returns the worker’s (associated with the business process) legal family name
Lookup Translated Value CF LTV    
Lookup Value as of Date CF LVAOD Compensation Grade as of Hire Date The employee’s compensation grade as of their hire date
Numeric Constant No Prefix Needed - Build on BO: Global
Prompt for Value CF PV    
Substring Text CF ST CF ST First three Characters of Gift ID  
Sum Related Instances CF SRI CF SRI Number of Female Interviewers Returns the sum of female interviewers
Text Constant No Prefix Needed - Build on BO: Global
True False CF TF CF TF US Contingent Worker Returns True if US contingent worker
Used in an integration INT (type of Calc Field) INT TF Date is Today  
NOTE: All integration fields should be limited to integration for Authorized Usage.  


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