YouTube / Move channel data to a personal account


  • To provide instruction on moving YouTube channel data to a personal Google account


  • Any users with a YouTube channel associated with their Miami Google Workspace account


  • These instructions guide you through the process of creating a Brand Account, moving your YouTube data into the Brand Account, and then sharing the Brand Account with your personal Google account


  • 11357: Google Workspace


Follow these instructions carefully! When you move YouTube channel data into a Brand Account, all existing data in the Brand Account will be deleted. If you have multiple Brand Accounts, either in your Miami YouTube channel or in your personal YouTube channel, be sure to select the correct Brand Account.

  1. Make a backup of your YouTube channel in your Miami account
    1. Open Chrome, go to and then sign in using your account
    2. Using Google Takeout, download all information from your YouTube channel. This will serve as a backup 
  2. Make a Brand Channel in your Miami account
    1. Open the application
    2. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner and choose Settings from the menu
    3. In the middle of the screen, click Create a Channel. If you already have a Brand Channel associated with your account, click Add or manage your channel(s), and then click Create a channel. Type a name for this Brand Channel. You may want to use a name that indicates this is your Miami YouTube data
    4. Check mark the I understand… box and click Create
    5. Verify that your account now has the Brand Account by going to
    6. Click the Brand Account you just created, and then click the Manage Permissions button. If prompted, re-authenticate to your account
    7. Click the Invite new users icon in the upper-right corner
    8. Enter your personal account address
    9. Select Manager from the Choose a role drop-down, and then click Invite
    10. In an incognito browser window, or from your phone, log in to your personal account
    11. Look for an email from and accept the invitation to manage the Brand Account
  3. Move your Miami YouTube channel data to the Brand Account
    1. In the YouTube app, make sure you are in the correct Google Account and the correct YouTube channel
    2. Click on your profile icon, and then click on Switch Account — make sure NOT to choose the Brand Account
    3. Click your profile icon again, and then choose Settings from the menu
    4. On the next screen, click Advanced settings from the left-hand menu
    5. Click on Move channel to a Brand Account
    6. Review the name of the YouTube channel being moved, and then click the Replace button next to the Brand Account you want to move
      • NOTE: All data in the Brand Account will be replaced, with no way to restore the data. Ensure you are moving your YouTube data to the Brand Account you just created, which should be empty of data
    7. Review the information on the pop-up screen, check mark I understand and wish to proceed, and then click on Delete Channel
    8. You should see the Brand Account name on the next screen. Click Move channel
    9. Verify the move
      1. Return to the main YouTube screen by clicking the YouTube icon in the upper-left corner of the screen
      2. Click on your profile picture
      3. Click Switch Account and choose your original YouTube channel.
      4. Click on Subscriptions — you should find there are no subscriptions since they have been moved to your Brand account
      5. Click on your profile picture
      6. Click Switch Account and choose your Brand Account
      7. Review your Subscriptions, which should be the subscriptions from your original YouTube account
  4. After the 7-day wait time, set your personal Google Account as the Primary Owner of your Brand Account
    1. Open a browser and log in to Google using your account
    2. Review your Brand Accounts by going to
    3. Click to select the Brand Account
    4. Click on Manage Permissions
    5. Next to your personal Google Account, change the Role to Primary Owner
    6. Acknowledge the move by clicking Transfer




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