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  • Zoom AI Companion is a Zoom feature that enhances the user's experience by providing AI assistance such as meeting summaries, meeting catch-up, and chat responses. While these features may be helpful, Zoom AI Companion should not be used during meetings with topics including sensitive or confidential topics
  • When utilizing Zoom AI Companion, the tool will have access to anything that is said, shared, or shown during the meeting. This includes potentially confidential information that could be shared. Zoom stores this information and uses it to create Chat Suggestions and Meeting Summaries. While this data is securely stored within Zoom, information can be inappropriately shared with other team members in Meeting Summaries, which can be problematic if not all members are allowed access to the information shared before they joined the meeting


  • 754229: Zoom


Enable or disable Zoom AI Companion

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Web Portal
  2. Under the Personal section, navigate to Settings
  3. Locate the Zoom AI Companion tab to toggle the settings on or off



  • All Zoom AI Companion features (including Smart Recording, Meeting Summary, and AI Companion questions) are disabled by default. Avoid enabling any of these features for meetings regarding confidential information such as FERPA records
  • If users are unable to change the settings at the personal level, contact the Host and request that the Zoom AI Companion settings be toggled off for the meeting



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