Canvas / Kaltura My Media Quiz


  • To provide instruction on setting up a video quiz in Canvas using Kaltura My Media that links to the Gradebook


  • Canvsa Instructor


  • Create a video quiz that links to the Gradebook


  • 10185: Canvas
  • Kaltura My Media


Set up video as a quiz

  1. Go to the course where you want the video quiz to be set up
  2. Go to My Media
  3. Click the Add New down arrow
  4. Select Video Quiz
  5. Locate and click Select button to the right of the video
  6. Once the video quiz editor opens move to each location in the video where you want a question to appear 
  7. Select the type of question (detailed descriptions of quiz options can be found In the Kaltura Video Editing Tools - User Guide
  8. Use the Done button to save the quiz (you can go back and edit it)


Creating an assignment

  1. In the Canvas course, create a new assignment 
  2. Enter the total points for the quiz in the points field, directly below the Rich Content Editor. Kaltura treats each gradable question (multiple choice and true/false questions) as equal in value and will divide the total point value for the quiz by the number of gradable questions. It is not possible for one gradable question to be worth more points than another. For example, the Points field is set to 40, which means that including four gradable questions in the video quiz will make each of them worth 10 points. Having 2 questions will make them each worth 20 points, etc.
  3. Select External Tool in the submission type drop down
  4. Click on Find button under Enter or find an External Tool URL
  5. Scroll down, locate, and click on Kaltura Video Quiz
  6. Find the video quiz and click Embed or Select (depending on your browser)
  7. You may have to click the select button again to complete the set-up
  8. Save the assignment so the video quiz assignment populates to the Canvas Gradebook
  9. Publish the assignment


Kaltura User Analytics for a single media file

  1. From My Media in Canvas to the right of the title, select View Analytics (chart icon). The Analytics page appears
  2. A summary appears at the top, with each section, broken down into greater detail below the video. Kaltura Media Analytics summary includes: player impressions, plays, minutes viewed, average completion rate, social highlights (likes, shares).
    Note: If you do not see the View Analytics option on the screen, widen your browser window


Clear student attempts

  1. Go to the prior term course, if a student is retaking the course and had previously completed the video quiz
  2. Click on My Media
  3. Locate the quiz in My Media
  4. Click on the title of the quiz
  5. Click on the Actions button
  6. Click on Analytics
  7. Click on Quiz Users tab
  8. Locate the name of the student - for large enrollment courses scroll from the top of the list all the way to the bottom of the list so that all the student names appear on the page then use the browser search (Edit > Find on Page>)
  9. Once you locate the name of the student, click on the trash can on the right side across from the name



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