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  • To provide instruction on using NameCoach


  • NameCoach is a web-based service that allows you to record, in your own voice, the correct pronunciation of your name. You can then add your NameBadge to your email signature or social media accounts, such as LinkedIn. Anyone who clicks on your NameBadge will hear your recording


  • Miami University faculty, staff, and students


  • 1186871: NameCoach


Record your name

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Follow the prompts to log in using your Miami credentials and Duo two-factor authentication
  3. Click My NameBadge at the top of the screen
  4. Click the Record Your Name button
  5. Enter your preferred First Name, Last Name, phonetic pronunciation, and preferred pronouns in the text boxes
  6. Select how you would like to record your name, choosing either Phone, Web Recorder, or Upload
    • If you select Phone, you will use your telephone to record to your name
      1. Select the correct country code from the drop-down menu, then enter your phone number
      2. Click the button Call me now
      3. Answer your phone and follow the prompts to record your name
      4. Once the call has ended, click the button Submit and Finish
    • If you select Web Recorder, you will use your computer's microphone to record your name
      1. Click the button Record. If prompted, allow your web browser to access your microphone
      2. You will see a three-second countdown, speak your name, and then click the 'stop recording' icon
      3. Playback your recording and re-record if you want
      4. Click the Submit and Finish button when you are done
    • If you select Uploader, you will upload a sound file from your computer
      1. Either drag and drop a sound file (.wav or .mp4) into the box on your screen, or click the Browse for file button
      2. Once the sound file is uploaded, click Submit and Finish


Use your NameBadge in social media or email

  1. If necessary, log in to NameCoach
  2. Click the menu My NameBadge at the top of the screen
  3. To use your NameBadge in Social Media, click the copy link button and then paste the link in various social media platforms
  4. Click the tab Add NameBadge to your Email Signature
  5. Decide how you would like your NameBadge to appear in your Email Signature: as a button only, a button with text, or as a link
  6. Click the link of your choice
  7. Paste your NameBadge link in your Gmail signature



  • For more information on creating a Miami-branded email signature, follow this link
  • For technical issues, use NameCoach's Chat Help from their support site
  • Follow this link to the NameCoach support site for technical and end-user information


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