Banner / Run a Cobol converted Java program


  • To provide instruction on how to run a Banner job submission job that has been converted from COBOL to Java


  • Miami University Community


  • Jobs that Ellucian has converted to Java from COBOL have had a "j" appended to the end of their name
    • e.g. PHPCALC became PHPCALCJ


  • 303078: Banner 9 Application Navigator
  • 10172: Banner Job Submission


Run a batch job

  1. Visit the Banner homepage
  2. Select the Banner 9 Admin link for the environment you want to log into
    • e.g. Select Banner 9 Admin PROD to log in to Production
    • Note: At this time the java versions are only installed in DEVL. We expect the versions to be installed in TEST in January 2023.
  3. Enter your job submission name in the search box adding a "j" at the end
    • e.g. PHPCALC became PHPCALCJ
  4. The job submission page (GJAPCTL) will open
  5. Enter the parameters for the job
  6. Select Submit



  • Verify that your Banner account has appropriate permissions to access the new Java process. If it does not, reach out to the Database Administrators



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