Student Information for Families / Family Member Module control


  • To provide instruction on using the Family Member Module control feature within the Student Information for Families site


  • Miami University Student Life office


  • Student Life can control which modules are visible within the Student Information for Families site. In addition, Student Life can replace the contents of a module with HTML formatted text by editing CAM entries


  • 284774: Student Information for Families


  1. The myMiami > myMiamiForFamilies > fmModules.module_control CAM entry controls which modules are visible within the Family Member tab on the Student Information for Families site
  2. This CAM entry should contain a comma delimited list of the modules to be displayed within Family Member Modules. The default list is fmMealPlan,fmGrades,fmCourses,fmFinancialAid,fmAccountInformation
  3. A module can be overridden with HTML if _HTML is appended to the comma delimited field in the fmModules.module_control CAM entry related to the specific module. For instance, the grades module would be replaced with the contents of fmGrades HTML, if the fmModules.module_control contains "fmGrades_HTML" instead of "fmGrades". In this example, fmModules.module_control would contain "fmMealPlan,fmGrades_HTML,fmCourses,fmFinancialAid,fmAccountInformation"



  • Spaces between entries in the fmModules.module_control list are optional
  • If fmModules.module_control content is invalid, the application will use the default list instead
  • For technical issues, contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or by live chat at to submit a ticket: Make your request or provide details about an issue you are experiencing and request escalation to Application Operations; Optimizers
  • A module will log any errors to ELK that can be found by searching for mmf (specifically contains mmf)



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