Chrome / Recover lost bookmarks and browser data after upgrading to version 102


  • To instruct our users and support on how to recover bookmarks and browser data if it's lost after upgrading Chrome to version 102


  • Miami Chrome users (faculty, staff, and students)


  • Google Chrome
  • Chrome browser


  1. Open the Chrome profile picker by clicking the profile icon in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser, usually next to the three dots, then click on the settings icon
  2. Delete the newly created profile by clicking the three dots in the profile's box and then click Delete
  3. Click on the previous profile that should have the bookmarks and browsing data
    • In case of multiple profiles, you may have to search to find the right one
  4. Sign in any Google product, or try to Turn Sync On
  5. You will see the same dialog, and you should click on the check box labeled Keep local browsing data before continuing



  • The bookmarks and browser data are not actually lost if users create a new profile. What actually happens is that a new managed profile is created for that account so that any personal data is kept separate from the enterprise profile
  • Read more in Google's release notes for version 102


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