Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Teams


  • To inform about the use of Microsoft Teams at Miami University 
  • To inform about joining a 3rd party hosted Microsoft Teams meeting
  • To inform about the recommended conferencing and collaboration tools


  • All users


  • Microsoft Teams
  • 10314: Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Office 
  • 10199: Webex
    • Cisco Webex
  • 754229: Zoom
  • Conference & Collaboration
  • Personally Owned Computer / University Owned Computer
    • macOS
    • Windows
  • iOS / iPadOS Device
  • Android Device


  • Miami University does not license Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams is not enabled at Miami University


  • Miami University recommends and supports the use of Cisco Webex or Zoom
  • Users will not be able to sign in to Microsoft Teams with Miami University credentials
    • Miami University users can be added to another organization's Teams as a guest
      • Provide the 3rd party organization your email address in the format of, e.g.,
        • Only current faculty, staff, or students
      • Normally an email will be generated with the subject "You have been added as a guest to Org Name in Microsoft Teams" by the 3rd party organization and will include additional instructions
  • Join a meeting without a Teams account



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Mon 5/17/21 12:42 PM
Thu 6/10/21 8:44 AM
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