Personal Computer / BitLocker Recovery Key


  • To instruct on how to recover a BitLocker Recovery Key saved to your Azure AD account for a personally owned computer
    • Does not apply to University Owned Computers
  • To instruct saving/backing up of BitLocker Recovery Key properly 
    • Does not apply to University Owned Computers


  • Faculty, Staff, and Students


  • Personally Owned Computer
    • Windows


  • Miami University is not responsible for the safekeeping of BitLocker Keys on personally-owned computers
  • Miami University recommends saving the BitLocker Key by other secure means
    • In a personal Microsoft Account (non-Miami University)
    • Saving to a file in a secure location not located on the computer
    • Printing the recovery key and saving it in a secure location


 Recover BitLocker Recovery Key from Azure AD

  • Only BitLocker Recovery Keys saved to Azure AD can be retrieved
    1. Sign in to the Microsoft portal with your Miami credentials
    2. Select your computer
    3. Click View BitLocker Keys
    4. Click Show recovery key

Back up the recovery key

  • At the time of enabling encryption or after encryption
    1. Open the Control Panel
    2. Click View by Small Items or search for BitLocker
    3. Click BitLocker Drive Encryption
    4. Click Backup your recovery key
    5. Select either Save to a file, Print the recovery key, or Microsoft Account (non-Miami University)




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