Miami Account / Failed to log in to third party site with Miami credentials

Notice of Intent to Redirect

  • You were redirected to this page due to a failed attempt to authenticate to a third party website via the InCommon Federation 


  • In order to connect you to the third party site you were logging in to when you were redirected to this page, Miami needs to release information about you to that website. The information release for the website in question hasn't been configured correctly, and we need to hear from you to fix it.


  • Contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 for assistance and explain that you were redirected to this page when trying to log in to a website 
    • Provide the URL of the website you were trying to log into when you were redirected to this page
    • Provide the steps you took to get to that website


  • 10357: Shibboleth



Article ID: 132144
Wed 5/5/21 10:26 AM
Wed 5/5/21 12:12 PM
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