Technology Requirements / Authentication (Web)

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Current State Specification

Miami uses Microsoft Active Directory 2012, OpenLDAP, Shibboleth (InCommon federation), and Central Authentication Service (CAS) for authentication/Single Sign-on. See the following for Miami's authentication preferences:

  • Best: CAS; Shibboleth (with InCommon membership preferred)
  • Better: OAuth
  • Acceptable: Custom SSO service that doesn't expose our user credentials
  • Undesirable: Credential sync, direct LDAP (OpenLDAP) or AD integration; Credential management API (requires integration with Miami's IAM platform)
  • Unacceptable: Independent password store


Premise and Remotely Hosted Solution Provider Support Questions 

  1.  Describe which of our authentication methods and protocols you support and outline any additional costs required to implement them. 



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