Technology Requirements / Integration

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Current State Specification

Integration should be one way or bidirectional, as appropriate. Miami utilizes the following integration methods in order of preference:

  • Best: REST API (JSON); Ellucian Banner ERP’s Ethos Integration
  • Better: REST API (XML, other)
  • Acceptable: SOAP API; Secure File Transfer (XML, CSV, tab, text)
  • Unacceptable: Unsecure file transfer; Manual file transfer


Premise and Remotely Hosted Solution Provider Support Questions 

  1. If applicable, describe your product's ability to integrate with or otherwise provide data to a data warehouse system.
  2. Describe any supplemental third-party products your solution requires, supports, integrates with, or is dependent upon. Provide a six-month history of availability, security issues, and updates for those systems.
  3. If your system interacts with or integrates with a Learning Management System, describe your use of the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specification, including supported versions, features, and limitations.



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