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Product Details

Product Name + Function

Cluster Management is a web application that supports enrollment and management of student and delegate accounts by faculty-sponsors in Miami University's high performance computing (research) cluster servers

Application features and enhancements:

  • Allows addition of Admin through Configuration and Authorization Management (CAM) application
  • Allows access to four types of user-roles: Admin, Sponsor (faculty), User (student), and Delegate
  • Allows different roles to access data of active/inactive Users and Sponsors
  • Allows different roles to generate list of available Users and Sponsors according to eligibility
    • Allows null-Users to display in system as to match the records with YAML script
  • Allows Admin to add Users, Sponsors; to convert a User to a Delegate
  • Allows Admin to deactivate Sponsors and retain all sponsored Users under deactivated Sponsor
  • Allows Admin and Sponsors to make/revoke Delegates; renew existing Cluster accounts
Asset Record 10340: Cluster Management
Related Asset 10692 (system): High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster
End-user Miami University Student (User), Staff (User, Admin), Faculty (Delegate, Sponsor)
Authentication Required CAS, Duo

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Cluster Management: Roles + Information

User Role: User

User (Student, Staff member)

High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster accounts provide high-performance computing resources for faculty, staff and students. Users (Student, Staff member) with a sponsored cluster account and the role of User can access the Student-specific home page and perform the following functions:

  • Request a new sponsorship
  • Request an extension of expiration date     
  • Review their Sponsor information, including Sponsor UniqueID, department code, and expiration date of account
Access Point: End-user
Permissions Student or Staff member must be sponsored by a faculty member in order to obtain an account on the cluster: Request a sponsored cluster account  
Instructions: User
Request a sponsored cluster account
  1. Go to the Research Cluster Account Sponsorships page
  2. Click the Request New Sponsorship link
  3. In the first field, enter your reason for requesting a sponsored cluster account     
  4. In the New Sponsor UniqueID field, select your instructor's UniqueID from the drop-down
  5. Select an expiration date — usually the end of the school year
  6. Click the Submit button
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Known Errors: User-level
  • Error Message: Failed To Send the email Requesting New Sponsorship, the sponsor does not have an email Id
    • Cause: Information for your selected Sponsor is incomplete
    • Resolution: Contact the Research Computing group by email at to report the issue

  • Error Message: You do not currently have any sponsorships. If you would like to request a sponsorship or you feel you have received this message in error, please email

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User Role: Delegate

Delegate (Faculty)

Users with the role of Delegate can access the Delegate-specific home page and perform these functions:

  • Request a new sponsorship
  • Request an extension of expiration date
  • Sponsor a student (User)
  • View list of sponsored students (Users)
  • Generate a list of sponsored students (Users)
Access Point: Delegate
Permissions A Delegate must have a sponsored cluster account and be granted the role of Delegate by their Sponsor or an Administrator: Request a sponsored cluster account  

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User Role: Sponsor

Sponsor (Faculty)

Users with the role of Sponsor can access the Sponsor-specific home page and perform these functions:

  • Add a User or a Delegate
  • Access data of active and inactive Users
  • Make or revoke a Delegate
  • View requests for sponsorships and extension via email
  • Generate a list of available Users according to eligibility
  • Renew an existing Cluster Management account
Access Point
Permissions A Sponsor must be granted the role of Sponsor by an Administrator

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End-user Support

End-user (Functional) Support A Miami University student, or staff or faculty member will interact directly with the Cluster Management app
End-user is directed to
  • Contact the Research Computing group by email at for questions about the use of the app or to report a cluster login issue
Request assistance with these user issues
  • I want to request a research cluster account
  • I want to request a Redhawk cluster account
  • I cannot log in to my cluster account
  • I have a question about using the application
  • I want to be added as a Delegate or Sponsor

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