Stream2 IPTV / Watch on an Apple TV


  • To provide instruction on setting up Stream2 IPTV on an Apple TV


  • 1017169: Apogee Stream2 IPTV
  • Personally Owned Device
    • Apple TV (AppleTV)
    • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Miami University Residence Halls
  • 9583: Access Network
  • Miami Network



  1. Register your Apple TV for the network
  2. Connect your Apple TV to a wired network, MU-Wireless, or MU-Gaming
    • Ethernet cables for wired connections are available for purchase at the Miami University Bookstore in Shriver Center
  3. Access Apogee Stream2 at Miami University and sign in with your Miami credentials
    • The system will recognize students who live in the residence halls and allow you to connect to the service
    • Choose "Miami University - Personal"
  4. Broadcast from the device to the Apple TV



  • Miami University IT Services does not provide end-user support for this streaming service
  • Have a question about Stream2? Go to Stream2 support for additional details about interactive online television and live streaming access to major broadcast and cable channels 
  • Go to Apple Support for info on using AirPlay Mirroring to watch Stream2 on your Apple TV 



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