Canvas / User cannot see media play


  • To troubleshoot media not displaying for some users on pages, assignments, discussions, or quizzes
    • Remove Error Access Denied/Restricted User


  • Canvas Instructor
  • Canvas Student


  • 10185: Canvas
    • Kaltura Course Gallery


  1. Delete the video with the error from the Canvas page / assignment / discussion / quiz using the rich text editor
  2. Save the page
  3. Open or create the content item (page, assignment, discussion, or quiz)
  4. Click the Edit button to open the rich text editor (RCE)
  5. Click in the RCE box where you want the video to appear
  6. On the second row of the toolbar, click the plug-in icon
  7. Select Embed Kaltura Media from the options list
  8. Locate the media in your My Media list
  9. Click Embed on the right side to place the media on the content item
  10. Save





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Wed 11/4/20 1:34 PM
Mon 12/11/23 12:05 PM
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