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  • To identify known issues in Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) and provide corresponding resolutions
    • To inform end users of possible challenges related to the OAS upgrade


  • 737842: Oracle Analytics Server
    • OAS, Business Intelligence, BI
    • Data Visualization, Data Visualizer (DV)
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Known Issues + Resolutions

Known Issue: Analytics

  Logging out of the Analytics homepage and then logging back in with the resulting login screen will take you to the Data Visualizer page
Resolution To log in to the Analytics homepage, use either a bookmark or the Analytics url (https://ia.miamioh.edu)

Known Issue: Analytics

  The search function is no longer located on the Analytics homepage
Resolution Go to Catalog and click the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar to search

Known Issue: Analytics

  A search for catalog objects in OAS may return more results than expected
Resolution Be as specific as possible when selecting folders and object types

Known Issue: Data Visualizer

  The files and directories from your Google Drive are intermittent and inconsistent
Cause The Google Drive data connection in Data Visualizer (DV) is not stable
Resolution Install the Google Drive Backup and Sync application to enable Google Drive to act as a local drive on your computer

Known Issue: Publisher

  The progress bar does not appear for long running interactive reports
Resolution Be patient and know that your report is running even though the progress bar does not appear.   Also, you have the option to select a different output format like excel or pdf.  In that case a progress bar will display. 

Known Issue: Publisher

  The timeout message/error does not appear after a 10-minute timeout for long running interactive reports
Resolution Schedule the report

Known Issue: Publisher

  Report parameters default to All (if All exists), instead of first value in drop-down list
Resolution None

Known Issue: Publisher 

                                              Report notifications persist after disabling within the Publisher report schedule
Resolution 1. Ensure notifications are disabled and pick Submit New to create a new schedule. Then delete the original schedule

2. Enable notifications and select Failed Report to receive a notification only upon report failure



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