Zoom / Schedule, start, and share Zoom Meetings in Canvas


  • To provide instructions on setting up Zoom Meetings in Canvas


  • 754229: Zoom
  • 10185: Canvas


  1. Log in to your Canvas course and click Zoom in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button
  3. On the new page, give your meeting a name, description, date and time, and duration
    • To set up a recurring meeting, check the box within the Time Zone section and specify the details for the recurrence
    • You can also use the fields on this page to:
      1. Change or disable the password for the meeting
      2. Adjust video and audio options
      3. Specify additional options for your meeting, such as automatically recording or muting all participants upon meeting entry
      4. Add the email address of an alternative host (such as a TA or a guest presenter) to give them host privileges in your meeting
  4. Click Save to save your meeting
  5. When it’s time for your meeting, you can:
    • Start the meeting directly from the meeting details page by clicking the Start this Meeting button
    • Click the Start button to the right of the meeting name on your main Zoom page in Canvas
    • If you added the meeting to your Google Calendar or copied/pasted the invitation found on the meeting details page, you can simply open the Join Meeting URL to launch Zoom and start your meeting





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