Network Printing / Install or update a networked printer on a University Windows computer


  • To provide instruction on installing or updating a driver for a network printer in Windows when:
    • You have been prompted to download a driver whenever you attempt to print
    • You are prompted to trust a printer 
      • Do you trust this printer? Windows needs to download and install a software driver from this printer
    • You cannot will not print and your printer shows a status of offline
    • You need to restore the printer driver on your University computer


  • 10409: Departmental Printing (ComDoc/MOM devices)
  • Software: University-owned Computers
  • 10668: Active Directory (AD)
  • Computing: Windows


  • Faculty and staff can install and update drivers for networked printers on University-owned and -managed Windows computers


  • To install a driver for a networked printer, your Windows computer must be joined to the Active Directory
  1. In the Windows Task bar search box type printers
  2. Select Printers & scanners in the results list
  3. If you are installing a networked printer, skip to step 5
  4. If you are updating a driver for a printer that's in use, you must remove the printer from Windows
    1. Right-click on the printer name
    2. Select Remove Device from the drop-down
  5. Click the Add a Printer or scanner link at the top of the Printers & scanners window
  6. Click the The printer I want isn't listed link
  7. Select Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature and click Next
  8. In the Find Printers search box, enter the three-character department abbreviation for the printer you want to install
    • If you do not know the department abbreviation, search for the building abbreviation. When using a building abbreviation, enter an asterisk before and after the three-character building code (e.g., *HYT* or *RDB*
  9. Click Find now
  10. Select the printer you want to install from the search results
  11. Click Ok to install print queue and appropriate driver
  12. When installation is complete, click Next
  13. If you want to make this printer your default printer, select the Set as default printer check box
  14. Click Finish to complete the installation



  1. If your options are grayed out, contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or by live chat at to request assistance
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Printer brand and model 
    • Your location, including building name and room number
    • Your UniqueID and contact information


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