Student ID Card Replacement Request

Your Miami ID is the only card you will need on campus. This one card will give you access to your Residence Hall, Meal Plan, Recreational Sports Center, MUlaa debit account, campus events, and library resources. Miami University is not responsible for damages resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of a Miami ID. You should safeguard your ID at all times. Dishonest use of a University ID is a violation of the University Code of Student Conduct. Because the ID is used for admission to various University facilities and activities, the lending, borrowing, altering, or duplicating of an ID is strictly prohibited.  Unauthorized use of a Miami ID may result in criminal charges and university disciplinary action.

Oxford Campus Students may use this form to request a replacement Miami ID Card.

  • The replacement cost will be charged at the time your card is printed.
  • We will notify you when your card is ready for pick-up in the Campus Services Center.
  • Do not come to our office until we have notified you by email that your card is ready.
  • This form is only for Oxford Campus students.
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Service ID: 42375
Tue 3/10/20 2:11 PM
Mon 3/8/21 12:38 PM