Install and Configure Chat Using Pidgin for Windows

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Miami Chat is an on-campus instant messaging service that can be used by anyone with a Miami UniqueID. The chief purpose for the service is for faculty/staff internal department communication, but anyone with a Miami UniqueID can use the service.


Miami Chat runs server software called Jabber. There are many Jabber clients available, and most should work with the Miami Chat server. IT Services provides support and instruction for Pidgin on Windows devices.

Pidgin is an open-source multi-protocol client. You will be able to use Pidgin to connect to your various messaging accounts (AIM, MSN, Miami Chat, etc.) simultaneously.

  1. Click the green Download and Install button on this page and download Pidgin. 
  2. Use the installation defaults.
  3. Start Pidgin. If the Accounts window does not open automatically, click Accounts at the top, and then Manage Accounts.
  4. Click the Add button to add a new account.
  5. From the Protocol drop-down list, select XMPP.
  6. In the Username field, type your UniqueID.
  7. In the Domain field, type (Not
  8. Click the Advanced tab at the top.
  9. In the Connect server field, type:
  10. Accept all other default settings and click Add.
  11. You should now be able to log in at the login window; make certain that your account is selected and use your MUnet Password for the password.

You can add buddies to your Buddy List by clicking the + (plus) button at the bottom right of the Buddy List window. Click the New Person button and enter your buddy's in the Jabber ID field. When you add a buddy, an authorization request is sent to that buddy asking if he or she wants to allow you to add him or her to your buddy list. You will not be able to see offline/online status until this authorization is complete.

Once a buddy has been added to your list and he or she is online, you can start a conversation by double-clicking the buddy name and typing a message. Press Enter at the end of each message to send it to your buddy.