ResNet Turbo Overview


ResNet Turbo allows students to use more bandwidth to view video, engage in live gaming and other high bandwidth applications.

Capabilities, Benefits & Features

  • Access to higher bandwidth connections for a per-semester fee
  • Availability via the wireless network in any residence hall
  • Typical bandwith is 30 Mbps (actual service will be determined by the number of ResNet Turbo users connecting at the same time)
  • Delivery of multiple HD streaming video connections
  • Compatibility with any computer or other device that can authenticate to the MU-WIRELESS network using Miami credentials. Currently, devices such as XBOX 360 and Wii cannot be connected to ResNet Turbo

Who uses it?

  • Students living in residence halls


  • $85 per semester

How do I get started?

To sign up for ResNet Turbo:

  1. Click the green MyCard button and Log in to MyCard.
  2. Click Sign up for ResNet Turbo

Miami’s Resnet Turbo system checks for new signups at the top of each hour.  If you were previously connected to MU-WIRELESS you must disconnect/forget.  You must connect to MU-WIRELESS using all lowercase characters in your UniqueID.   


Updated: 7/31/18