Access MyFiles/NetDisk


Network file storage is available to faculty, staff and students on MyFiles servers. Faculty and staff also have access to departmental file storage.


  • MyFiles is 3 GB of disk space for your personal use on IT Services-maintained file servers. It can be used to publish web pages as well as to simply store files for access from multiple computers. It can be accessed from anywhere on or off-campus
  • In order to use MyFiles/NetDisk, you will need to know your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password.
  • All connections from off-campus computers will require the use of VPN.

How do I get started?

  • Click the green NetDisk button.
    • For users with computers joined to Active Directory, (most departmental Windows computers), log in to the network and access MyFiles simply by clicking on your M:\ drive from My Computer.
    • For users with computers not joined to Active Directory, which includes personal computers and Macs, access your MyFiles space by clicking the green NetDisk button, by mapping the network drive (PC) or mounting the server storage space (Mac). Some users may need to manually configure MyFiles.