Get Cisco AnyConnect VPN for macOS

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  • Students, faculty, and staff use the Miami VPN service for macOS to access internal Miami resources securely from off-campus or to connect to protected IT systems, such as Native Banner
  • Miami VPN for macOS uses the free Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, which can be downloaded and installed from this page


  1. Click the Download and Install button to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
  2. Launch the AnyConnect client
  3. In the connection field, select one of the following:
    • for general use
    • for connecting to restricted systems; requires special authorization
      Note: For adminvpn access, you must change the Group from DiffVPN to LDAP. If you do not, you will be unable to access Banner. After doing this once, it should save the LDAP setting for future logins.
  4. Sign in with your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password


Updated 07/27/17