Test Scoring Overview


IT Services provides an automated test scoring service for faculty using Scantron sheets to capture students' responses to multiple choice tests. 

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Provide Test Scoring
  • Multiple drop off locations
  • 24-48 hour turn around for test processing
  • NEW April 2018 --- Two - 30 minute parking spots have been designated for test scoring drop-offs, pick-ups and While You Waits in the Hoyt parking lot.

Who uses it?

  • Faculty

How Do I Get Started?

  • To access the complete set of test scoring guidelines, visit the Electronic Test Scoring Guide
  • Print and complete the attached Cover Form (required) and Scramble Forms (Optional)
  • Deposit Cover and Scramble Forms along with your test sheets at the following locations:
    • Drop-box outside Hughes Hall (west side - AM pickup daily)
    • Hoyt Hall
      • Drop-slot (north side)
      • Drop-box in Lobby (south side/parking lot side (24x7)
      • Hoyt 2nd Floor Reception Area
  • Scored tests may be picked up on the 2nd floor of Hoyt Hall during regular business hours.
  • To order Scantron test sheets, contact Shriver Center Bookstore at 513-529-2600 or via email at supplysales@MiamiOH.edu. Provide an Index code and a delivery location, and they will be delivered to you, or they can be picked up in Shriver Center Bookstore. 

What type of technology can be used to consume this service?

  • Scantron machine
  • email 

Updated: 4/4/18

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