Mobile Phones Overview


Service provides resale of Sprint and Verizon mobile phone service directly to individuals or to departments.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features​

  • Provide mobile content
  • Service is available for basic phones, smartphones, tablets, and data-only devices
  • Device insurance is available
  • Personal accounts are billed through payroll deduction
  • Plans through the University cost less than purchasing directly from the vendor
  • No credit check
  • Service is available on-site
  • Plans are more inclusive
  • Sales process is straight-forward and no-pressure
  • Plan changes do not extend contract
  • 12 month contract is required

Who may use it?

  • All students, faculty, staff may purchase personal service
  • Emeritus
  • Retirees
  • University departments/offices

How do I get help or get started?

  • Visit Miami University Bookstore to work with mobile phone specialists
  • Call 513.529.3511 option #1
  • Email
  • MiTech Cellular

Updated: 7/20/15