Install SPSS Statistics 25 Home Use on macOS

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IBM SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive, easy-to-use set of predictive analytic tools for business users, analysts, and statistical programmers. Through a site licensed contract, students, faculty and staff may use IBM SPSS on their personally owned computers while on the campus network or connected to MUVPN from an off-campus location.


  1. Click the Download and Install button to get started.
  2. Enter your Miami credentials when prompted to begin the download. The installer will be saved to your Downloads folder. Do not power off your computer, put to sleep, or disconnect from the network until the download completes.
  3. Click on the download file, located at the bottom of your browser window. The file will extract the install package.
  4. If necessary, press Command-Option-L to open the Downloads folder.
  5. Press the Control key and click on the IBM SPSS package file that was downloaded. Click Open from the short-cut menu.
  6. When prompted that this installer is from an "unidentified developer", click the Open button. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings.
  7. Follow the prompts to proceed through the installer. When the install finishes you may choose either to "Keep" the installer or "Move to trash".
  8. Press F4 to open Launchpad, locate "IBM (Other)", then choose SPSSStatistics.