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Add a new Knowledge article to the Knowledge Base


Faculty, administrators, and staff can now add new content to the Knowledge Base. Just click the + New Article button and follow a few simple prompts to create and share your Knowledge.


  1. Click the + New Article button 
  2. Follow the prompts to create your article
    • Title: Enter the title of your article—and keep it simple
    • What is the Knowledge you would like to add to the Knowledge Base?
      • Draft your content in complete thoughts, not complete sentences—this isn't a tech paper
      • Deliver the appropriate level of direction for your reader
      • Number instructional steps
      • Label links descriptively, and include the correct URL for each
      • Do not use graphics or content attachments 
      • Use spell-check! 
    • Category: Enter the category in which you want your article to be listed (ex., Academics, Human Resources, PFD)
    • Viewing Permissions: List the groups that should have permission to view your Knowledge (ex., Faculty, Staff, Students)
    • Additional Comments: Enter any other information the Knowledge Base manager should have before publishing your article
  3. Click Request

What happens next?

Your friendly University Knowledge Base manager will perform an editorial and accessibility review—meaning, I will format your draft, edit content for clarity, grammar, and naughty language, and run an accessibility check. I will also assign tags, a review date, and viewing permissions, as indicated. And finally, our content advisory board (K-CAB) will review and publish your article to the Knowledge Base.

Everything else you should know