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Advancement went live on 9/12, as planned. They(Tim) is still submitting several tickets but most of them are issues that Ellucian needs to address. For the most part the go live is going smoothly. I plan to close this project on Monday (9/18). We will continue to work on tickets related to this project even after the project is closed.


Mon 5/1/17 - Tue 9/19/17
Information Technology Services
Business Applications / ERP Management Overview
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Mon 5/15/17 11:37 AM
Thu 9/14/17 3:03 PM
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Install Banner Advancement Admin 9.x. Additional hardware is being installed as part of the larger program.


Internet Native Banner 8 will become unsupported after December 31, 2018. In preparation for this, all Internet Native Banner modules must be upgraded to Banner XE (Banner 9) before that date or replaced. Note that ellucian will not be enhancing Banner Advancement beyond version 9. Miami plans to upgrade to Advancement version 9 and then begin the process of replacing this module with a different product.


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Assoc VP Sol Dlvry & Dpty CIO
Mon 5/15/17 11:41 AM
Wed 7/5/17 1:06 PM
Jeffrey Toaddy
Int Sr Bus Process Analyst
Mon 7/17/17 3:41 PM
Dir of Application Development
Mon 5/15/17 11:44 AM
Tim Jones
Dir Advct Info Syst&Analytics
Mon 5/15/17 11:38 AM