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Miami University community members must understand policies and legal requirements in order to exercise rights and responsibilities effectively and appropriately when using email
Miami University collects, stores, and distributes large amounts of information essential to the performance of University business. This information is a valuable University asset, a portion of which is protected by state and federal laws. The University has the right and obligation to protect, manage, secure, and control information (whether in hard copy or stored as electronic data) in its possession
Miami University provides telephone service, cellular service and devices, and photographic imaging devices for use in University business only
Miami University Records Management Program, in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, ensures proper scheduling, storage, and disposal of University records. Records include any information stored on a fixed medium prepared or received in the normal course of business (paper, image, or digital) that documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the University
Miami University faculty and staff must be knowledgeable about policies and procedures that apply to the provision and use of University Computing Resources
Miami University prohibits actions of theft or malicious destruction of computing property; unauthorized access to, use of, or control of computing facilities or computer data; obstructive or disruptive acts involving University Computing Resources; or use of University property in the performance of illegal or prohibited actions
Miami University Computing Resources include end-user computing devices, servers, networks, email, software, printers, scanners, video distribution systems, telephone systems, and other computing hardware and software, whether owned by the University or contracted from a third party