Policy: Mandatory MUnet password change


Statement of Policy

All MUnet users must change their MUnet passwords from the default, and then every 180 days or 5 years thereafter, depending on the complexity of the password provided


Assistant Vice President, IT Services Security Compliance and Risk Management


MUnet passwords are used with services such as myMiami, Canvas, BannerWeb, Miami Directory, and Miami email. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that underlies these services, IT Services has implemented two rules for the mandatory change of MUnet password every 180 days or five years, depending on the complexity of the password provided.

Services that are not affected include LISTSERV: Go directly to each service and use the password change function available for that service.

Entities Affected by Policy

All MUnet users


Grace period for changing your MUnet password

If you have not changed your password in the last 180 days (six months) or 1,825 days (five years), you will have an extra 14 days to change it. The 14-day grace period starts the first time you access any web-based service (such as myMiami) after the 180 days or five years. When you log in to a web-based service, you will see a notice that your password has expired. You have the option of changing your password immediately or waiting until a later date. Once your grace period lapses, you will not be able to use web-based services such as BannerWeb or myMiami until you change your password.


Choose your MUnet password carefully

  • Poorly-chosen passwords are responsible for many compromised or damaged accounts
  • Great passwords should be difficult to guess, contain both letters, numbers and special characters, and are non-dictionary terms
  • When creating your MUnet password, it should should meet one of the following complexity guidelines:
  1. Password that will expire every 180 days (six months): Create with a length of eight or more characters and contain one character from each of the following:
    • Upper case letters: A–Z
    • Lower case letters: a–z
    • Numbers: 0–9
  2. Password that will expire every 1,825 days (five years): Create with a length of ten or more characters and contain one character from each of the following:
    • Upper case letters: A–Z
    • Lower case letters: a–z
    • Numbers: 0–9
    • Special character: ~!@#$%^&*()_+`{}[]:";'<>?,./


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