Access CHEMCAD engineering software

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  • How do I access the CHEMCAD engineering software for use in research or class?
  • Note: This is NOT the answer to questions about licensing errors.  For Licensing issues please create a ticket and assign to College of Engineering and Computing.


  • Engineering Students


  • 337967: CHEMCAD
  • AppPortal (Microsoft Remote Desktop)
  • Classroom Technology
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux


  • The CHEMCAD application is a licensed software that you can legally access via Microsoft Remote APPS
  • In the past, users were told to remote into a CHEMCAD "server" and then launch CHEMCAD. This is no longer the case. You can now use a Microsoft Remote APP, which uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop client to connect you directly to the CHEMCAD application that is running on a remote server. CHEMCAD still runs on Miami's Remote Desktop infrastructure and checks out a valid license, but you will only see the application in your session, not a complete remote desktop


Launch CHEMCAD in Windows

  1. Click Start
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  4. Click Miami Resources
  5. Click the CHEMCAD application that you want to run
  6. If prompted for your credentials, enter your UniqueID and MUnet password
  7. CHEMCAD will launch in a new window


Launch CHEMCAD in macOS

  1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and click Remote Resources 
  2. Enter in the box labeled URL
    • Note: If copying this URL, be sure there are no spaces at the end when you paste the text
  3. Enter your Miami credentials as follows:
    1. Enter IT\ followed by your UniqueID
    2. Enter your MUnet password
  4. Click Refresh
  5. A list of applications and desktops that have been provisioned for your account will be displayed on the Remote Desktop screen — double-click the CHEMCAD application that you want to run
  6. CHEMCAD will launch in a new window


Launch CHEMCAD in Linux

  1. Open a remote desktop client
  2. Connect to (or another appropriate Windows server)
  3. Log in with your Miami UniqueID and password
  4. Click Start
  5. Click All Programs
  6. Click RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  7. Click Miami Resources
  8. Click the CHEMCAD application that you want to run
  9. CHEMCAD will launch in a new window


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