Error occurs when accessing server via WinSCP


  • When I try to log in to MUALBANT11 using WinSCP, I receive the message Access Denied
  • I am unable to log in to a server via WinSCP


  • Software for University-owned Computer
  • WinSCP
  • Linux
  • Two-factor Authentication


  • A change was made on 5/16/2017 that requires your password and a two-factor authentication code to be entered for logging in


  1. Open WinSCP
  2. Connect to <server>
  3. Enter your password and append your six-digit two-factor authentication code, without spaces, after the last character of your password
    • e.g. password######
  4. Continue logging into <server>
    • If you are still getting 'Access Denied' your authentication app may not be synced with your account
    • Open your web browser and continue to a two factor page to test your codes from the authentication app
    • If they do not work, follow these KB instructions on unenrolling from two-factor
    • Enroll again to two-factor and make sure to follow all steps for setting up the authentication app, including putting in a code at the bottom of the screen



  • Some servers have a version of Linux that prompts for two-factor instead of appending it to your password. For those servers, enter in your password first and it will then prompt for two-factor. If your password with two-factor added is not accepted, try this route to see if the server qualifies for this version


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