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Guide: Banner Job Submission reports and processes


  • To prevent slow response times within Banner and BannerWeb, Ellucian recommends that certain Banner Job Submission processes and reports only be run during off peak–hours (i.e., before or after regular business hours and on weekends)


  • Miami University staff


  • Banner
  • BannerWeb


Reports and Processes

AAPACKN Membership Acknow. Process
AAPFEED Advancement Dues – Finance Feed
ADPFEED Advancement – Finance Feed
ADPPFED Pledge Feed to Finance Report
AGPACKN Pledge/Gift Acknowledgement
AGPDCGL Gift Society Year-to-Date Report
AGPMATC MG Data Load Report
AGPMATG Matching Gift Allocations
AGPMATS MG Subsidiary Data Load Report
AGPPOUT Pledge Outstanding Report
APPCUPD Directory Load
APPDCAR Gift Society Assignment Report
APPSTDI Student-Advancement Interface
FGRBAVL Available Balance Rebuild Process
FGRCBSR Combining Balance Sheet
FGRCGBA Comparative Statements Budget Act
FGRCGBS Comparative Balance Sheets
FGRCOBS Combined Balance Sheet
FGRCREF Combined Statement Government Funds
FGRCSBA Combined Statement Budget Actual
FGRCSCF Comparative Statements Changes
FGRCSRE Combined Statement Retain Earn
FGRCSSR Combined Statement Spec Fund
FOPARCR Restore Process
FRRBILL Billing Process
GLBLSEL Letter Extract
GLRLETR Letter Generation Print Report
NBPBUDM Budget Maintenance Process
NBPENCM Encumbrance Maintainence Process
NBPMASS Mass Salary Table Update
NHPFIN1 Finance Extract Process
NHPFIN2 Finance Interface Report
NHRBDST Budget Distribution Report
NHRDIST Orgn Payroll Distribution
NHRDSTR Labor Distribution Report
NHRECRT Effort Certification Report
NHREDST Employee Distributions Report
NHRSDST Employee Payroll Summary By Orgn
PHPECEX Effort Certification Extract
PHPFEXP Expenditures Finance Extract
PHPUPDT Pay Period Update Process
PORAUDT Audit Trail Report
PXPMT42 1042-S Media Transmission
PXPWC13 U.S. W-2c 2013 EFW2C File
PXPW213 W-2 2013 EFW2 File
PXR1042 Foreign Person 1042S Form
PXRTDEP Tax Depository Report
PXRW213 United States W-2 2013
SFRFASC Batch Fee Assessment
SHRCONV Campus GPA Conversion Process
SHRIACT IPEDS Total Activity Report
SHRIPDS IPEDS File Generation Process
SHRTRTC Academic Transcript
TFRBILL Finance Invoices or Statements
TGPHOLD Auto Hold Release Process
TGRAPPL Application of Payment
TGRCDEL Cashier Delete Report/Process
TGRFEED Accounting Feed Process
TSP1098 1098 Student Tax Notification
TSPISTT Create Installment Transaction
TSR1098 1098 Student Tax Report
TSRCBIL Student Billing Statement
TSRDETL Account Detail Report
TSRTBIL Third-Party Billing Statement


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