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What is my UniqueID?


  • I am an incoming undergraduate student—what is my UniqueID?
  • How do I find my UniqueID?
  • Where can I find my UniqueID?


  • Accounts, IDs and Passwords
  • UniqueID


  • Typically, your UniqueID consists of the first six letters of your last name, followed by your first and middle initials
    • example: John Q. Public = publicjq


  1. Follow this link to our UniqueID Lookup Tool and use your Banner+ ID or Social Security number to search for your UniqueID
  2. If the UniqueID Lookup Tool doesn't accept your information, enter your default password using the last four digits of your Banner+ ID
    • If you did not provide the University with a Social Security number, your default password is your two-digit month of birth, two-digit day of birth, and the last four digits of your Banner+ ID number (MMDDBBBB)
      • example: Your birth day is April 1, and your Banner+ ID is +00123456, so your default password would be 04013456
  3. If you still need assistance, contact One Stop at 513 529-0001 
  4. Provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your Banner+ ID



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