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Top-5 FA(tech)Qs: End-of-Semester Edition

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The end of semester is just a few dotted Ts and a couple of crossed eyes away! To help move things along, we're here to slip you the answers to our most-asked end-of-semester questions. If you can't find what you need in our ever-expanding Universipedia of Knowledge, IT Help is just an email, chat session, or phone call away. And you can get to #KnowIT when you follow us @MiamiUIT

Your Qs, Our As

Where are those Banner database links again?

Can you tell me everything there is to know about submitting grades?

Where can I get help with two-factor authentication?

I forgot my MUnet password... help? 

And finally, what happened to the original Top-5 FA(tech)Qs?


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