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Employee Self Reporting

Used by Miami faculty and staff to report their own COVID-19 illness

Manually Create Student Case (used by Contact Tracers)

Used by contact tracers to create a case for follow-up by case workers for students unable to report to work or class due to COVID-19

Report a COVID-19 illness for a student or employee

Used by Miami faculty and staff to report absence to class or work due to COVID-19 illness of a student in their class or an employee they manage

Student Self Reporting

The form is used by Miami students to report their own positive diagnosis of COVID-19. Submission of this form must also be accompanied by the student uploading a photo or screenshot of their positive diagnosis to MedProctor at

If you have been potentially exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing possible symptoms of the illness, we recommend that you call Student Health Services (513-529-3000) during regular business hours or contact your local health care provider and follow their recommendations.