Base SAS Installer

After downloading the SAS ISO, mount the ISO as a virtual CD drive and then run the installer

  1. Download SAS ISO 
    • Enter your Miami credentials, if prompted, to begin the download
    • The installer will be saved to your Downloads folder
    • Do not power off, put to sleep, or disconnect from the network until the download completes
  2. Close all applications and save your work
  3. Right-click the SAS .ISO file that you saved to your computer
  4. From the short-cut menu, choose Mount 
    • If prompted by AutoPlay, choose Open folder to view files
  5. Open My Computer and locate the drive-letter of the ISO
  6. Double-click the Install64.bat
    • If your operating system is 32-bit, double-click Install32.bat
  7. The installer will run from a command window
    • Do not close the window; it will close automatically when the install is finished
    • It may take more than an hour to complete the install
    • Your computer may reboot numerous times due to prerequisites for SAS being installed
      • Return to Step 2 and restart the process to complete the SAS install
Download Installer


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